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The AIWC's "Zusammen" Monthly Newsletter

In 2010, we renamed our monthly newsletter through a "Newsletter Naming Contest", in which our members participated. Zusammen means together in German; and our General Board, who voted on the winning entry, chose this new name because Zusammen encompasses everything which our Club represents.

Zusammen means collectively. We are not just a group of ex-pats, we are not all Americans, we are not all taking time off from our professional careers, and so on. We are a mix of where we have come from, where we have been, and what we are and will develop into as a result of this experience and the relationships we have made. Whether young mothers or empty nesters, working women, or a SINK (single income no kids), someone who likes a night on the town or someone who likes to lay low, together, Zusammen, we are all the women who make up the American International Women's Club!

Zusammen also means cooperative effort. Nothing accomplished in the Club is done by the efforts of just one member. Rather, it is the cooperative efforts of our members helping members and supporting each other and the Club, which makes us successful.

Zusammen. It's who we are, it's what we do!

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The AIWC creates and distributes every month our Zusammen monthly newsletter in a printed and an e-version. If you are a member and would like to read the newsletter online now, please log in and click on the monthly newsletter you would like to access.  Here are a sample of covers from our previous editions.

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Zusammen Newsletter Deadlines

The deadline for article submissions to our monthly newsletter is by the 10th of each preceding month. Please note that January/February and July/August are combined issues.

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