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The AIWC was founded in February of 1971, under the leadership of Shirley Brendtke. The Club was and is intended for social and charitable activities, as well as personal support.

The AIWC provides many avenues for newcomers to receive support as they adjust to living in their new home country. Members can call on their "Mutti" or Neighborhood Coordinator in their Neighborhood for advice on day-to-day needs, such as where to shop or dine out locally. Newcomers can attend Neighborhood events and coffees, where they can meet other members who live nearby. Mother's Corner provides a wonderful network for support for expectant mothers and mothers with small children. And the C.A.R.E.S. (Crisis Assistance Resources Emergency Services) group helps members of the AIWC by providing resource information, listening, and giving general support to those in need during personal emergencies and difficult situations while in a foreign country.

In addition, since 1971, the AIWC has shown support for our community in the Frankfurt area and for international causes by way of fundraising and helping with charitable organizations and causes, as well as collaborating with FAWCO-supported charitable ventures.

We are committed to supporting our members and contributing to our host country that has welcomed us; and each year, we sponsor a number of events, such as our annual Spring Charity Event, to achieve these goals.

Any member is welcome to nominate a charity by completing a proposal. The proposals are then presented to and voted on by the General Board in August. The selected charity is the recipient of all donations and funds collected at the Spring Charity Event or other events as specified throughout the year. 

In 2012, the AIWC instituted a new formula for the Charity selection process, as outlined below, that changes the way the AIWC impacts our local community so the needs of these charities can be big or small.

At this time, we cannot promise we will support a charity at our annual Spring Members Gala, but only those charities that meet the below criteria will be considered.

What is Required:

  • Fundraising and Charity Request Form/Application.
  • You will need to be able to describe the charity, why you believe it is a good fit with AIWC, and what specific project the charity would like us to support.

According to the AIWC Standing Rules, in order to be selected, a charity must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a recognized German charity
  • Works towards either cultural, educational, social, or medical advancement
  • Must be able to issue a Spendebescheinigung
Additionally, the Board considers the following factors:
  • The nature of the charity and whether we believe the project proposed is something achievable and of major importance to the charity 
  • How closely the leadership of the charity group is willing to work with the AIWC Fundraising and Charity Committee as we prepare for our spring event. 

If you have a charity you would like to suggest, start thinking about your nomination now! The nomination deadline is in August.  Take the time and help us find worthy organizations we can help support next year!