AWC, The Next Chapter

AWC has come a long way over the last couple of years. And we have certainly made an impact, both in the lives of our members and with the people in our community.

It’s funny, when you start looking back you suddenly notice the path you have traveled. I usually work metaphorically with my head down. Just looking at the next task to complete, or the next crisis to survive. Luckily the crisis have been small compared to what some of our peers have had to go through.

So here I am, typing the first word of the new chapter. And with a new direction comes a new website. So typing those words is quite convenient. I guess I just like to put things in writing out in the open and for the world to see. There is a special power that comes with putting the things normally kept in the head on a piece of online real estate. It’s very likely that no one will ever read this, yet I know that someone can. So I will think differently about my words.

Either way, let’s not get bogged down in philosophical musings. There is work to be done. And that work is going to take to heights previously unimaginable. We’ll start with building a foundation that can support an organization of epic proportions.

On that we’ll construct a framework that will not only enable our activities but let them snowball. And then we’ll just have to push things down the hill while they pick up steam.

That is the vision I am working on. Glad to have you on board.